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usually if there is nothing wired incorrectly a car that runs on will have one of/or two things wrong.

one, the idle is set too high and the throttle valve in the carb isn't shutting all the way when you turn it off.

two, timing is too advanced and you are getting some self detonation. the higher the compression of your motor the more this may occur.

check those for sure. then check to make sure the ignition wire to your distributor is hot only when the key is in run and start positions.

i'm not familiar with msd products but enough guys here are. i'm sure they can help you better than me. but do check your idle speed and your timing.

might also mention if it is "dieseling" or actually running smoothly and capable of high rpms as if the key was on and you were driving.

good luck, it'll stop when it runs out of gas i'm sure.

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