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re: May 2016 ROTM Winner - Craig1968 with his 68 Vert

Between Kimberly and my 17 year old son, we have clocked about 2500 miles in the past 5 weeks. Need to fix a slight oil pan leak but other than that, flawless performance. You know what I like about have a stock motor now? The 18 mpg, 185 temp 95% of the time, and no stall converter. Took some getting used to after coming from the stroked 69 but hey, once I shimmed the last body panel bolt, and filled it with 87 octane, it knew it was a keeper. Finally found out how to put that boot on correctly...make that fold the top correctly and boot fits fine. Loving this car. I may.......make that an iffy may, put vintage air in it for the wife. I just hate the thought of modifying a numbers matching, original panel car.

Thanks for the votes guys....hope to see y'all on the road somewhere.......power tour 2016 maybe?

Craig (screen name changing to craig1968 soon)

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