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Re: Vacuum Advance Question

I had the same issue on my Camaro, but this was before I installed a MSD box. I solved my problem by jetting up the primaries on my 650dp two sizes. I went from 67 to 69. This change helped my surge big time, but I could still feel it when my foot was barely touching the gas pedal.. I have a MSD ready to run. I have 15 initial and the 21 degree bushing for a total of 36. Trickflow recommended 36 with my heads and cam. I slowed down my advance curve using the springs in the distributor. Before I had all my timing in around 2500 or so. I changed it to bring it all in closer to 3000 and now I don't have any surging at all.

1969 Camaro 350, Trickflow heads, ST-10 4spd, Hotchkis suspension, Baer SS brake kit, moser 12bolt
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