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Re: Cam and Head Question/ Big Fan and Grateful for all I've Learned.

Tony, sounds as though your car is turning out to be very a pic or two of the progress.
I like the cam that Don has recommended. That said I think you have to build your engine, trans, rear end as the sum of all the parts working together in unison.
If you intend to drive the car on the track then I might be mistaken, 4:56 gearing is great from light to light but cruising on the highway its probably not the best choice without overdrive and even then I think its a tad high.
Your intake if I'm not mistaken has a sweet spot range of 3000- 8000 rpm, again a nice higher rpm piece if that's your intended driving use.
Maybe try going with 3:73- 3:55 as the highest rear ratio with the T-10, Edelbrock RPM air gap, heads should be okay. Downsize the carb with this cam.

Don't forget to use the oil with zinc & phosphorous to combat the lost minerals needed for flat tappet use since the tree hugger's ruined it for us old car guys.
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