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Turn Signal/Backlight issues

Hey all,
i just rewired my entire 69 SS from front to back with American Autowire's kit and almost everything went perfectly.

biggest issues are turn signals and speedo/gas light.

Turn Signals: when I activate left OR right signal, proper indicator dash lights blink but both rear lights blink and both front indicators blink. Basically, they are acting like hazards, checked my grounds, checked my bulbs, not sure where else to turn. Anyone have any ideas?

Speedo/Gas Light: I turn on my headlights or running lights and the backlights don't illuminate. I did change them to LEDs, I don't think they would mess with the circuit as it's not dependant on impedance.

These two things are the only things keeping me from re-assembling my interior and being ready for the streets.

thanks in advance!
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