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67 RS Wiper Wiring (Again)

I have read the posts of the wiring of the wiper motor and seem to have a fw questions still...

I have 4 wires coming from my Painless Harness to the wiper motor:

Light Blue
Yellow (Just a jumper from the other yellow wire)

There are four connections on the wiper motor (from the passenger side):

two single connections followed by a double lugged connection

The posts reference the wire order from the passenger side as follows:

Light Blue

Here are my concerns:

1. I don't have a Black/Yellow wire
2. I have two solid yellow wires (jumnpered together)
3. I assume that the Yellow Jumpered wires would not go on the double lugged tab as that would seem pointless.
4. Where the hell is my Washer fluid pump? The pics I've seen seem to be a combo wiper motor/washer fluid pump
5. Also, the 4 wires were on two double connectors (one black, the other brown) that would not match up with the wiper motor connections (it would fit the double lugged connection only).


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