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Timing a 383 the easy way?

Hopefully the easy way is with the help of this forum. What is the suggested set up for the following?

383 Stroker, 10.3/1,Performer 2.02 heads with street port, 1 5/8 full headers,
Speed Demon 750 VS,Air gap manifold, Comp Cam 280H 231 duration @.50
TKO600 and 3.55 gears.

ignition MSD 8361, 6AL, Blaster 2. 8.5mm wires

Dist is still untouched so Blue 21 degree bushing and 2 heavy silver springs.
So is the carb for that matter but shouldn't we start with timing?

I'm looking for peak performance, not fuel economy but I'm not taking it to the track nor will I test it on a dyno. I'm just not that interested.

That said what sounds best for this? Initial should be.... total should be.....
What bushing and springs have you stroker guys changed to to acheive that?

Lastly. Where should the vacuum come from? Manifold, or ported from the carb?

Thanks for your input. - Dave
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