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intermittent starting and running problem

Ok, I'm going to post this to several forums to see if anyone has any suggestions to fix my problem here it goes.
I have a 1994 3.4l camaro with 150k on it never had any major problems has always run great till lately I have intermeittent problems with starting and with the engine running rough. Sometimes I will try to start her and she starts fine other times I will try and she will turn but not start. I can hear the fuel pump fine. Sometimes when I have a problem with starting her I need to lay on the gas other times I can just wait a few seconds and after a few attempts she will start and run properly. So far she has always started. However a few times after having this problem starting her she will run but very rough kinda like she might be misfiring or something but I can't actually hear that going on all I feel is how ****ty the engine is running if I try to drive her like this she is very slow to accelertate but will eventually get up to speed but it feels like if I let my foot off the gas she will stall at anytime. So she intermittently has trouble starting and has a few times had a problem starting and then run like ****. So far I have replaced the plugs and wires but nothing else. I tried to pull and DTC's from the computer but I get nothing. when I test for DTC's nothing happens the check engine light and brake lights stay on they never blink at all or go out. I was thinking it may be the computer but I'd hate to spend all that money and not be sure. Any ideas?
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