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What are the Ratings and Reviews?
The product reviews are a section of Team Camaro designed to provide a resource for rating and reviewing of parts and items directly associated with our cars.

It is not intended as a place to vent frustrations.
Clear reviews are beneficial and allow others to make a more informed choice.

It is also hoped that flaws in products may lead to the manufacturer making corrections.

It is available here.

How do I review a Product?
You must have a valid username on the tech forums in order to participate.

You have the option to post a rating from 1 -10, with 10 being the best. Comments can be left with the rating providing they meet the guidelines.

If you see a product in the Reviews that you would like to rate or add a comment simply go to the item and click "Post a Review" - note, you must have a forum account and be logged in or this option will not be displayed on the screen.

  • The screen is quite basic to follow:
  • Enter Positive or Negative aspects of the product.
  • Would you recommend this to others?
  • Price you paid? Not necessary.
  • Rate the product from 1 to 10.
  • Enter your comments.
    Please provide valid information, bashing or hard to understand replies are not approved.
    This is generally not the place to complain about the salesperson or shipping.

Does my review show immediately?
Reviews are subject to approval from time to time. Initially, approval is required until a pattern is established.
Reviews are approved daily.

Can I post a product for Review?
Yes, providing it is within our guidelines.
  1. The product is of value to other hobbyists.
  2. The item is relevant and specific to Camaros.
  3. You have used or have an interest in the product.
I am the manufacturer of a product, can I add it?
Certainly! We welcome your participation.

To enter a product in the database:
(you should find a picture before starting this process and save it to your computer)

  1. You must be logged in to post a product for review.
  2. On the right section of the titlebar click: Upload Products.
  3. Choose the most appropriate category from the drop down list.
  4. Enter manufacturer name (if known, many times the seller is NOT the manufacturer)
  5. Enter the name of the product. Please be specific: Roller Rockers Small Block 1.5 ratio
  6. Image of product to upload - click Browse and find the picture on YOUR computer that you wish to upload.
    (this image will be automatically resized to fit in the reviews).
  7. Enter the description of the product, not your review of it. You may review it after posting.
  8. Press the enter key in the text box to create a paragraph break.
  9. Click Upload/Submit
That's it. If it does not appear immediately it is in the review que and will be added asap.

Thanks for sharing with other concerned hobbyists!

What are the Review Guidelines?
Our site does not cater to vendor bashing and only comments that are beneficial to others are accepted.

This part required considerable grinding in the top corner to fit and required a complete repaint to match afterwards. More work than anticipated for a "guaranteed fit".

Not Accepted:
This part sucks! Wouldn't fit and the shipping took forever.

Does my review show immediately?
Comments are subject to approval from time to time. Initially, approval is required until a pattern is established.

We are cautious about glowing testimonies or product bashing by those who may have financial gain in the outcome of the reviews.

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