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Nantucket Blue
I purchased this car in 1984 for $2700. It was a rust free California built in LOS. Car was a non RS, untouched, faded nantucket blue paint with light bule interior, original 6cyl powerglide, bucket seats, console, manual white top original black 14" steel wheels poverty hubcaps. It had some repaired damage on the rear valance. Another peculiar thing was it had a factory black instrument panel housing and a factory black glove box door. Also had a blacked out rear panel that was masked exactly as the factory did it and blacked out rockers. Back then the first thing I did was pull the numbers matching 6 cyl and sell it (why would I want to keep that?).
1967 Chevrolet Camaro (Nantucket Blue)


Stock light blue
I put a 350 in it and kept the Powerglide. My father was the General Manager of a Chevrolet dealership back then so I ordered all new sheet metal that was still available with my Dad's discount. I remember the front fenders were $60 each, inners were $12 each. rear tail light panel with valance was $28 and so on. Cloned it an SS350 repainted it the same color with a white nose stripe. Installed all new suspension and 14" rally wheels with the old Coker bias ply red line tires G70-14. Here in northeast Ohio the classic car cruisin's were just coming back although only on Saturday nights. On July 4, 1985 it was finished and I drove it for the first time and it really turned heads. Kept it all these years and made some upgrades like RS headlight doors, grille, and front valance. Now an M20 4sp. New redline radials.


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