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General Information

Camaro SS/rs 350
Ralley Sport Package
Not too much known. Purchased it in 2009.
Car originally was delivered to Raneri Buick/Chevy on White horse Pike, Hammonton, NJ. NCRS confirmed delivery on January 6, 1968. Original owner took it off the road and it was a weekend drag racer during the 80's. People have confirmed seeing the car at ATCO and Englishtown raceways in southern Jersey.
Previous owner had engine rebuilt at speed shop. Thankfully they saved the block stampings. I rebuilt and added a 69 LT1 Q-Jet. It was painted at custom body shop. He also partially restored the interior.
If anyone knows anymore about the car I would welcome the information. I have no documentation for the car.
From the numbers I have found, the engine is the original block and stamped 12 26. The cowl tag assembly date (01A) coincides with the body number and falls inline with a 1st week of January build and NCRS confirmed delivery. The 12 bolt 3:31 posi rear is dated Dec 20th. The SS hood has 28 coils and is stamped 52 week (of '67). Hidden VIN on passenger side of cowl matches engine VIN and dash VIN.
The previous owner was a cousin of the two guys that restored it to it's current state. He knew very little about the car but had it set up for handling and quick acceleration. He was having the two cousins build him a big block '69 and needed to sell to finance the new build. He didn't care about the code numbers but did say the engine was the original. It was only after I got it home did I find all the matching dates.
1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS/rs 350 (Black)


Rebuilt original 350 block and heads. Was told it was rebuilt with Corvette LT-1 components, 370+ hp. It had 3x2's (why?) I replaced them with a 69 370 Q-Jet. Replaced clutch and flywheel in 2016 w/McLeod 75124RST and Luk flywheel. Original M21 trans in a AutoGear case. Stock 12 bolt Eaton 3:31 Posi rear. Hurst Competition Plus shifter.
Added Saginaw original quick ratio (variable?) 3.5 turn PS unit from a 67 in winter of 2016-17.
Standard 712 black interior with Z-23 option. New front and rear seat covers and door panels. Rug may have been replaced earlier, original rear side panels. New package tray and headliner. Repop dome lamp, Astro-vent outlets, seat belt retainers, and dash padding. Currently dash walnut trim is replaced with black pebble.
Original paint was VV (sequoia green) w/white D90 stripe. Now black, no stripe, all new rs trim moldings with black out below rs lower side trim. PO also painted the rear panel flat black. If I ever have it re-painted it will go back to VV.
Cheap am/fm push button stereo unit from the 80's. I did make stock knobs fit and installed double speaker up front and dual speakers in rear package tray shelf. Front mounted antenna. I don't usually listen to the radio while driving it, I'd rather hear the exhaust. Original AM is stored away but does not work.
Hotchkiss front sway bar and springs. Koni HD shocks. 12 bolt Eaton 3:31 posi. Not much else known. All new blue neoprene bushings. Previous owner says his cousin set it up for handling.
Wheel and Tire
17" AR polished aluminum w/ss centercaps. Tires are low profile 215 R45 17 front, 245 R45 17 rear. Pics showing my car's chambered exhaust and before painted black.



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