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General Information

Soon to become Capri Cream
Some SS350 acutriments, Deluxe Interior
I purchased this car from it's previous owners Widow back in 1997/98. One of those projects that out lived it's owner.

The car has a State of Nevada issued VIN tag on it, so there is some history there that I do not know. I am using this fact to justify for myself some freedom and latitude regarding how I "fix' the car for my use. It's certainly nothing more than a Plain Jane Camaro.

Though I bought it in Las Vegas NV the car came form Michigan, some of the issues associated with the North had been taken care of ... but not all of them.
1967 Chevrolet Camaro (Soon to become Capri Cream)


One of the first things I did with the car is build a new engine. I build all my own engines. It came to me with a 305 under the hood and on an initial trip out of town it spun a rod bearing.

I built a rather mild to moderate 350. It's built to breath well, but nothing crazy or wild at all. Fairly mild Hydraulic Roller cam, 9.5:1 Compression, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake and a Quadrajet on top, Dart Aluminum Heads, full length Headers and a 2.5" Flowmaster exhaust with the *factory like* transverse muffler out back.

I had the transmission rebuilt.
I have swapped the interior to a Deluxe Interior package.

I did change the front seats out to some 84 Camaro seats, which stand a bit taller, but primarily they recline.

I added a console with gauges and a factory in dash tachometer ... again this gets me back a bit closer to my old SS350 of days gone by.
The car came to me in a non-factory red. I am going through the body now to locate and deal with some of the rust issues the previous owner failed to get to. In the process I am making a color change to factory Capri Cream.

The car has been doctored up with some SS350 badges and such. I had owned a Factory 67 SS350 Camaro way back in my high school days (1973), so these little changes make me feel more at home in the car. ;)
The suspension is still stock with the exception of a nice four wheel Power Disc brake set-up I installed early on.
Wheel and Tire
For wheels I am running a set of American Racing 15 X 7" Torque Thrust Ds with P205/70R15 tires all around, including the spare tire in the trunk.



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