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General Information

Camaro Convertible
LeMans Blue / Deluxe Parchment Interior
It's a barn find...actually the car found us. Took her home on July 24th, 2016.
Got it running the day we brought it home.
Had it four days(as of July 24th) and started making it road-worthy again...hadn't even washed it yet!
Two previous owners; 1st owner bought new, second owner bought in 1974, third owners (us), bought July, 2016.
All original, aside from rear quarters done and a repaint in 1984, single stage laquer(?). It's not base/clear that I know. Entire car repainted at that time, but the White D90 Stripe was taped off and is original paint yet.
Driver's seat cover was apparently replaced (incorrect white, but fixable at some point). The car was parked that same year, 1984, never to move again until last Sunday, 7/24/2016.
Other than that, nothing else has been done to it. 108,000 original miles. Always stored in protected/conditioned pole barn on concrete and car skates. Exhaust appears original; tail pipes are "oval-ed"; pretty rusty/crappy, but original...
1968 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible (LeMans Blue / Deluxe Parchment Interior)


Original 327, 210HP with the 2bbl Rochester carb. Crusty, but I love it.
Sure cleaned up nice!
No Mods. Driver's seat has been recovered as old one had a tear in it I was told(incorrect white), but I'll try to fix that/find replacement to match the rest somehow/someday.
Poking around I found the tag stapled on the back side of the carpet, right in front of the driver's seat, that shows the company that made the carpet, and a stamp on it "3/1968". This thing is sweet!
No mods. Literally found the car in this condition, unrestored.
Rear window is torn, but whatever.
The sound of the exhaust, the wind, and my wife's giggling from excitement as we cruise down the highway.
I found an AM college station that fades in and out with 60's/70's tunes. Perfect.

The original dual exhaust finally had to be replaced...After the 9th hole I patched along the straights came apart(3rd time for that one), I decided it was just time. It sounds awesome now.
All original. Never been touched. Still has it's original, but soon to be replaced "screw-type"-looking shocks...they'll be wall-hangers or something... along with a few other parts I hang on to. Why do we do that?
Wheel and Tire
Stock 14x6" wheels. Going to strip the dry-rotted (but still holding air just fine) bias-ply whitewalls off of it and put BF Goodrich's on it.
UPDATE: Kept two 14x6's on the front, and got a pair of 14x7's from a buddy for the rear, all with the new tires on them. Look really nice.



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