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General Information

Palomino Ivory
I bought this car in 1985 for $1500 and was too poor to keep it! Convinced Mom to buy it and she did a respectable restoration. It was her driver until she passed too soon in 1989. I drove it nearly 20 years and had boys eating popsicles in it. I tucked it away because it was getting derelict! It would still start and drive when I drove it to the shop in the rain! Finally pried open the wallet. I couldn't find one thing that didn't need some type of attention! Took me two years and I'm almost done.
1968 Chevrolet Camaro (Palomino Ivory)


Inline Six 250 Turbo-Thrift. I did put in a peppier cam, but I kept the Monojet. With a powerglide, this car is a comfortable cruiser with no drama. Six cylinders run a long time! Wish I had a nickel for every time one of my ******* buddies told me to replace it! They just don't know.
Ivy Gold - looks good to me! Very 1968. What can you do!
Palomino Ivory - not many of those! It was lime green metalflake when I got it. Mom painted it the correct color. I sprayed the acrylic urethane in the back yard. Color sanded to a period correct lustre (that's what I tell myself). May never get all the swirls out. Only I notice it. Most people are freaked that I did it in a tent.
Kraco cassette deck with a stereo in dash speaker. I would rather listen to the car! I did sneek wires into it for the next guy.
This car comes with a single leaf spring. Somebody put some helper springs in, but I also found a cracked spring. Bought some multi-leaf springs off Craigslist. Needed to fabricate some perches, but was able to keep original rear. So far, so good.
Wheel and Tire
Had some 15" wheels that I always thought were some type of Pontiac wheel! Finally figured out they are 70' or 71' Z28 wheels. They have been on the car for a long time and will always be there with me.



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