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Kind purple
basket case
Not too sure. May have been stolen in the 80's Has a state re-VIN from Vermont. I am Having trouble getting it registered in my state. FL. This car is not road worthy. So I have to have people come and inspect the numbers on this thing to try and figure out what to do to get it done. My title is a Massachusetts title that matches the VT ID that was place in the area where the original VIN should be. Three different days 3 different sets of official type people came out to look. I had two local cops come and they could not get past the VIN plate since there are not enough numbers to do a search. The second day was the Florida Hwy safety and Motor vehicle guy. The third was some one from the NICB, National insurance crime Bureau the FLHSMV, state cop, and a local cop. They all looked at it and were like Hmmmm. Your going to have to pull the Blower housing off to read the confidential VIN then we can go from there. I did all that but the numbers I showed them are not bringing up anything. BTW The secret Vin is 1BL134415. They are not wanting to just go with what I have because they are worried it will come up as stolen and don't want to hang themselves. If they would just call Massachusetts they will find that the title is active and clear. They are stuck on the Vermont thing. Vermont vacated this thing from their system years ago because it was titled in New Hampshire back in the early 2000's then Titled in Mass in 2002. I was told by all the expert guy's that came over the 3rd day not to worry we will get this. They want to put the original Vin back on. IDK.... So I am on hold because I don't want to spend any more dough till I get this done... The Title is showing this as a 78 Camero... yep spelled wrong. I Know it is not. It is a 79- 81 but not sure which. I do think it is a 79 because I don't see a hole in the firewall for the computer harness.
81 Chevrolet Camaro (Kind purple)


oop's wrong place for one. Nice slice on M/M and no bolts. The guy that was the Mech on this from the seller was a J/A. There are so many things that are not finished or butchered. He was told that the engine ran but if you can see the dist. is not in correctly and the firing order was not even close. He may have gotten a ball of fire out of the carb but it never ran. I corrected by pulling the dist out and doing it right. I fired up after I had to remove the wires to the ignition and alternator since smoke started coming out of the back of the Alt. They dicked up the wires some how. so I had to hot wire and use my bumpstart button to get her running. I actually spoke to the engine builder while it was running so he hear. He laughed since it was like 2 years ago when he built it. but he sold it as an engine not installed in anything. It sat with anti freeze in it a long time and the coolant was leaking past the lower head bolts. I was thinking this thing was never rebuilt but when it got heated up for cam break in all leaks quit because the sealer he used on the threads for the head bolts warmed up and got the chance to seal. No smoke at all. just from the paint on exhaust manifolds. BTW it's a 305. It will be ok for now.
Needs one. I got seats and carpet with it and one door panel but they were not original since the car has power windows and the panel has crank hole.
No mods as of yet.
I don't have any of the front yet. The guy that sold it put a lot of money in this all new front end and out back too.
Wheel and Tire
The rims on it now look like 70's SS type. I plan on using the Western Turbines I have. Not the old ones but the one in front which is new never installed. I got a set of 4 NIB. They are perfect with center caps.



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