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Black, white stripes
1967 Chevrolet Camaro (Black, white stripes)


Black on Black
Bought the car in the summer of 2004 in Supperior, WI for 3400. Car came with two rear ends, 7 doors, 3 hoods, and about 3 of each window mechanisms along with 2 titles. No motor, no trans, exhaust, wiring and the interior was to be disired as rats made a nice home. Car was put in the storage for about 4 years 2004-2008, I was young no cash, now I have a kid so no cash.
350 goodwrench motor picked up in 2004. Went to the junk yard in appleton looking for a motor, guy said he thinks there was a motor in a truck that just came in, went over to the truck, keys in the ignition turned right over, sounded great, put it in drive, reverse so I couldn’t go wrong for 250 bucks. Bought exhaust, headers, turbo 350 for 50 bucks, and many other parts.
Engine was first fired up and running in Appleton in 2008, which was great, car didn’t need to be pushed anymore.
2012: I did quite a bit of upgrades to the car, new front seats (Procar seats), carpet, New tires in the front to match the back (rims came with the car), changed out the turbo 350 to a 700r4 with shift kit, driveshaft, disk brakes in the front, new lines to back, shocks, Power booster, shifter and installed the MSD Ignition.
2013-current: Completely re-did the cooling system, new radiator, electric fan, trans cooler, starter, radio, got the wiring to work, blinkers and lights.
The car is definitely not original so the plans for the car were to make it as close to a SS touring Camaro as I can, looking for Torq thrust rims, 3.73 rear end, hide away headlights, finish the interior and many more. The plan was always to drive the car, not sit in a garage.


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