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General Information

Camaro SS350
Fathom Green
D90 option, Deluxe Houndstooth (black), Rosewood Dash w/Sport Wheel, D80 Stripe, D55 Console w/U17 Gauge Package
Built in the Van Nuys plant in the 1st. week of May, 1969 (05A). The car had been completed having a frame
off restoration in 2007. I then purchased it in 2008 where it was displayed at the Atlantic City Car Auction in
February of that year. Almost everything a bout caught my eye. After a year of ownership I preceded to redo
the engine compartment the way it looked like when it left the factory. After many hours of research on CRG
and emails to Jerry McNeish I bought his 4th. edition Definitive Fact Book as reference. I also had my mechanic
remove the incorrect 1968 Muncie and wrong Hurst shifter. I then searched around for a quality transmission
shop and found one in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Riverside Gear & Axle provided me with the correct M20 Muncie
for my car...all with the correct pieces--the #660 main case, #306 side cover, and #584 tail shaft. I sent them
my old transmission as a core and have no issues to date.
1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS350 (Fathom Green)


The original L48 engine is long gone and replaced with a March, 1969 dated 350 engine w/#041 heads,
correct #184 intake manifold (dated), correct #692 water pump (dated) and a rare Carter #7029203 D9 DY
quadrajet recently rebuilt/restored by Eric Jackson @ Vintage Musclecar Parts. When the car was purchased
it did not have the smog system---so I replaced it with one. Replicated radiator hoses with the correct large
GM ink stampings top and bottom. Dated Delco Remy #834 alternator...also ink stamped CW on housing. I had
a vintage reproduction R59 battery but it only lasted me about 6 years. Tried to purchase one from 4 different
vendors and ALL were on back order. You know how that goes. Car does have the N40 power steering option.
I should point out that I located a date/coded correct #488 distributor for the engine which now has the Pertronix
electronic ignition, a reproduction Delco Remy #238 ignition coil and correct reproduction Packard spark plug wires.
The interior is code 713 Black Houndstooth Deluxe, Rosewood Dash w/Sport Wheel, D55 Console w/U17 Gauge
Package. Not installed as of yet, but the U69 AM/FM radio
Car still retains all it's original metal except for both quarter panels. Goodmark quarters were used in the resto.
The car is finished in code 57 Fathom Green in Dupont Chroma Premier. D90 striping was done just like the factory.
Painted fenders and decals on doors. The under carriage has been finished in Dupont black enamel flattened with
hardner. "B" Black vinyl top and reproduction 14x7 steel wheels also painted body color. Dog dish caps finish it off.
With a newly rebuilt original U69 am/fm radio...with a modern set of guts. Looks completely stock on the
outside. Still haven't installed it yet, but in the meantime I love listening to my Gardner exhaust which was
installed nearly two summers ago. Awesome sound right there---but not cheap!
Car has reproduction spiral shocks front/rear. Stock coil springs in front. Rear has the multi-leaf (5) springs.
The rearend is a restored BS coded (3.31) March, 1969 dated housing. Backing plates were replaced with
quality reproductions. As a matter of fact I purchased this rearend right here on TeamCamaro maybe 7 years
ago. The 12 bolt rear that came with my car was incorrect in every way.
Wheel and Tire
14x7 Wheel Vintiques were my choice in in steel wheels. The tires are reproduction Goodyear Polyglas.



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