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Bright Red
SS Clone
I found this car in a backyard in high school while delivering pizzas. It has numerous wiring issues that I tweaked in HS and was able to drive and have fun. Originally had a 327 with a saginaw 4 speed. After HS I hid it in yards and garages until I finally had my own 17 years later. During 2016-2017 I dove headfirst into a restoration to make it the car I've always wanted. I learned so much and practically redid everything. After yanking the engine I discovered it was from a 1968 truck and unfortunately not original. It had 8/1 compression and was a dog. The transmission was from a 1982 Camaro or Firebird and was beginning to get the linkage stuck in gears. I also had a serious dent in the driveshaft. So much of the car was out of balance you couldn't tell where the various vibrations were coming from. Previous owners had spray painted the interior white and painted the entire car purple and didn't really mask off anything so there was overspray everywhere. But I loved her just the same
1967 Chevrolet Camaro (Bright Red)


A 383 ci from Smeding Performance. 400hp, 465 tq. Block: GM 4 bolt main, blueprinted in house, diamond-honed with torque plates. 9.025 deck height, 1-piece rear main seal.
Crankshaft: Forged 4340 steel with 3.800” stroke, micro polished, chamfered, digitial high speed balanced
Rods: 5140 Forged “I” beam with 3/8" ARP WaveLoc bolts, 5.700" length, balanced in sets
Pistons: Hypereutectic with Graphite Anti-Friction Coating, 9.2 to 1 compression
Camshaft: Custom ground hydraulic roller .501”/.508” lift 222°/228° duration @.050”
Rocker Arms: 1.5 ratio, full roller
Cylinder Heads: Aluminum 2.02"/1.60" stainless valves, 175cc intake port, 64cc chamber
Hedman Ceramic long tube headers

Tremec 5 Speed TKO600 modified by Silver Sport Transmissions. Hurst shifter in original console location without modifications. Pistol grip shifter knob.

Dual exhaust. Will install electric cutouts soon!
TMI Sport R Seats, Repro Console, Dash and tops of doors are body color. Top of dash is flat black. Original chrome window strips and pillar covers. (One cool thing that didn't get painted white). PUI platinum door panels. I refurbished the steering wheel and column myself with new bearings and wiring. Rattletrap heat and sound insulation all over.
Bright red over white basecoat with white z/28 stripes. SS badging. Billet Grill. 383 emblems, rear spoiler. All new weatherstripping and windowfelts.
The original radio had its guts replaced with more power including rca jacks, aux, bluetooth, and usb. Installed new dash speaker, and kick panel speakers as well as 6x9's in the back powered by an small amp. So I have really clean music that surrounds you.
Hotchkiss 2" Drop Springs in front. Super beefy front sway arm. Original control arms. All new poly bushings. Moog Ball Joints. Rear sway bar. qa1 Shocks. Mono springs with poly shackles.
Wheel and Tire
15" Cragars!!!! 160 skinnies on front 260R15 fatties on the back.



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