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Car was bought new from Redding, ca. early in Dec. of 66. 275 H.P. 327, 4-speed, 10 bolt posi with 3:08's. Console gauges with tach and deluxe interior. Car was emerald turquoise with black vinyl top and interior. And manual disc brakes. Went to a 18 year old who didn't much care for it. His 52 year old dad drove it for the next 10 years. Ended up getting a set of anson traction bars, hurst shifter, M/T valve covers and headers with a holly carb. Got sold, Ended up in Eureka Ca. Got hit in the rear at some point, and had a stop sign post go through the drivers side quarter and hit the pass seat back. Got sold to eureka guy's best friend, and went back to redding for a 22 year old nursing student to drive. Got repainted again to a med blue. In 1991 she unavoidably hit a drunk on the freeway at 65 mph and totaled the car. Car still had original running gear and interior. I bought the car for parts in early 92. but changed my mind after seeing how original the car was and the options it had. It sat around smashed for another 4 years. I started the restoration in 1996 and finished it late 97, and have been driving it for 22 years now.
1967 Chevrolet camaro (Teal/silver)


Original 327, 60 over keith black pistons 9.5:1 compression. The duntov 30/30 cam with new world products heads 2.02 intake 1.72 exhaust valves, edelbrock dual plane intake. Had a holley 750 on it for 14 years with no choke. put a edelbrock performer carb with electric choke. Going back to a holly. Mallory unilite dist. and hedman ceramic coated headers.
Black deluxe interior all original except for the carpet, headliner and front seats. Factory tach and console gauges, original steering wheel.
I added a cowl hood and front/ rear spoiler, custom mixed a teal color with silver Z stripes.
retro kenwood stereo with 2 6x9's on rear deck and a 300 watt amp.
Stock rebuilt, original manual disc brakes. Original 3:08 10 bolt posi. with comp. eng. traction bars a Z/28 4 leaf rear springs.
Wheel and Tire
8" ralleys on the rear with 255/60/15's. front are 7" ralleys with 235/60/15's



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