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General Information

Camaro SS
Factory, Marina Blue... at moment 70's retro
A long was 1977,I was a Junior in H.S. Found it as a shell of a car for $600. Many parts were missing or got stolen after i towed it home ( console, front clip). Slowly made a driver out of it and the rest is history.
1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS (Factory, Marina Blue... at moment 70's retro)


Factory 396-325hp but never had the orig. motor so i built a "301". Took a 59' 283 block and punched it 120 over, added a set of 69 z28 302 pistons, 194 camel humps and a crower cam.
Topped it with a high rise and Holley 650 Dp. She runs pretty strong..but i always wanted to put the Big Block back in it.
Finally pulled the trigger last year. 396..Nothing radical, mild cam, stock heads high rise and headers. Haven't driven it yet so can't compare.
Currently working on it
Rear spoiler, 69'cowl hood ($140 from dealer in 1980) and of coarse the wild paint.
My oldest Boy is a custom body and paint man, so a few years back he said "lets restore the old camaro" it had been sitting for about 12 yrs. an was looking pretty rough.
Since i built it in the 70's he kept the theme and threw the retro paint job on it. He did it in 4 days to make a car show to show his diversity.
It's a love hate thing on a 67, believe it or not I get mostly thumbs up. It may go back to Marina Blue someday but it has grown on me.
Gotta admit, it stands out in a crowd of Blue Camaro's.
Stock AM radio
Wheel and Tire
BF Goodrich Radial TA's & SS Cragars. Bought them new in 1979 "still have receipt".$700 was a lot of money for a kid back then. Still figure 70% tread but some scary old rubber



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