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Super Red II w/ Super White Z-28 Stripes
None, base car.
Bought the car in 1989, my first car. Red base model car, originally a 6-cylinder, with a nice sounding but not well built 350 small-block and a slipping Powerglide. Replaced the Powerglide with a TH350 and drove it daily until 1993. Started racing it with a new, much hotter, more well built 350 in 1994, and it became a second car for me at that time. It ended up mostly parked from 1998 until 2006 while I worked out-of-state, got married, built a house, and finally got my shop built. I took the car completely apart in November 2007 to start the conversion back to the more street friendly version that I remembered in the early 90's. Now, almost 10 years later in February 2017, I finally drove the car in it's new configuration.
1967 Chevrolet Camaro (Super Red II w/ Super White Z-28 Stripes)


427 cid port fuel injected Big-Block Chevrolet. FAST XFI 2.0 electronic fuel injection. 10.1:1 compression Mahle Powerpack pistons. 6.635" I-beam connecting rods, that's right, 0.500" longer than stock. Callies CompStar forged crankshaft. "Shorter" duration custom Comp mechanical roller cam with Jesel shaft rockers, cam designed by myself. Brodix Race-Rite cylinder heads by the folks at HVH in Knoxville, TN. Dart Big M splayed steel cap block machined by Carl Hinkson at CNC Blocks NE. Stef's custom road race oil pan. Ignition is MSD's Digital 6AL triggered by the FAST XFI.

Haven't had it on the dyno yet, but it should be north of 600 hp, should make peak power about 6500 or 6600 and rev easily to 7200 or so. It does have nice street manners and a nice rumbly idle. The cam sounds a little like the old Chevy "30 across" small-block cam.

The transmission is a Dodge Viper spec Tremec T-56 6-speed from D&D Performance. Ram 26lb steel flywheel and Ram Powergrip clutch. The Powergrip clutch may be replaced with a Ram twin disc at some point. This engine may eat up the Powergrip, we'll see.
Black, pretty much stock with a nice set of Sparco front seats so you don't slide off the seat in the corners
Exterior pretty much looks like a Z-28 would look like, with the shiny trim.
Nice in-dash stereo with all JL Audio components, 4-channel amplifier with 4 inch speakers in the kickpanels and 6x9's in the rear deck.
DSE Stage 3 Front Suspension on a reinforced stock subframe and DSE Quadralink with a heavy duty Ford 9 inch in the rear. The Ford 9 inch has a Yukon 3.25" aluminum dropout, Yukon 4.11 gears, 35-spline Quick Performance axles, and a Wavetrac differential in it. Baer 13" Track disc brakes in the front and Baer 12" disc brakes in the rear.
Wheel and Tire
American Racing Torque Thrust II's. Fronts are 245/45-17's on 8 inch rims. Rears are 275/40-17's on 9.5 inch rims.



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