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1967 camaro console

  1. 1967 Camaro Console Gauge update

    Hello everyone, I'm a young mechanical engineer. I've been working on my 1967 Camaro for about 8 months and am currently in the process of installing a console and gauges in my car. I've been studying the wiring diagram and seeing what the best way to do everything is and I noticed that 1...
  2. 1967 Camaro Fac Tach-what powers it? What is this wire?

    Electrical & Wiring
    I installed the factor tach and bought a new wiring harness. The plug that comes up to the speedometer has a wire coming off of it and I'm not sure if this powers the tach or if the tach is powered through the plug that goes into the speedometer? I've attached a picture. I know that the yelow...