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    '67 Pro-touring Camaro

  3. Help Reinstalling 1967 Door glass into regulator

    Camaro Tech
    Hello, I was replacing my vent window seals and took my window out of the regulator to get the vent window frame out. I think I did it the wrong way as I am having a hell of a time putting it back in. What I have right now is the bare window out of the regulator and the rubber strip that fits...
  4. 67 Engine Compartment stock setup

    Camaro Tech
    Hey all, I am trying to put my 67 Camaro 327 engine compartment back to stock. i.e. exactly how the coil is mounted, the ballast resister, the path for the wiring harness etc. Are there pictures or graphics available that anyone has or knows of? That would be extremely helpful - thanks in...
  5. WTB: column shift linkage

    Forum Classifieds
    I’m trying to get my 1967 functional so I can put it up for sale. It was originally a 250/PG car, now has a ‘67 396/th400. At some point since 15-year-old me took it apart 35 years ago, I’ve misplaced the shifter linkage. Has anyone who switched to a floor shifter be willing to sell me their...
  6. Muncie 4-speed Input Shaft help

    Transmission & Driveline
    hello, I am currently compiling all of the parts necessary to swap my 1967 camaro to a 4-speed muncie, but was confused about what kind of Muncie I need to find. I am the 5th owner of my car and have not gotten too deep into it yet, this will be my biggest project yet seeing as though it is my...
  7. WTB 1967 SS-350 Air cleaner Assy.

    Forum Classifieds
    WTB 1967 SS-350 Air cleaner Assy. I am looking for a nice driver quality Air cleaner Assembly unit for my 67 SS350 single snorkel w/chrome lid -- opr will buy either or - - together or separate. looking for a fair deal - or would love to trade, I have a TON of original parts - i will give you...
  8. 67-68 Deluxe Headliner Moldings OEM

    Forum Classifieds
    These are original moldings that have be straightened and polished. Very nice pieces, show quality. Clips are included. Price is: $375.00 I also polish stainless and aluminum trim. Thank you, Dennis Cell 317-919-8434
  9. Wanted: 1967 Z28 or L78

    Forum Classifieds
    Private cash buyer looking for an original 1967 Z28 or L78 Camaro. Finder's fee for info that leads to a purchase.
  10. 1967 67 Camaro GM original Power Windows system

    Forum Classifieds
    Carefully removed from a 1967 Camaro. Includes the complete harness, 4 motors, 4 switches, and 4 regulators. Harness-- clean original, just needs the master switch plug to be replaced. Tested and works great. Minor repairs already done correctly with solder and heatshrink tubing. Motors--...
  11. 1967 side glass

    Body Shop
    Hi Guys, My 67 coupe is back from being painted and it's in pieces. I was going to replace the side and wing window glass since I have the doors disassembled and they had some deep scratches in them. I saw some older posts talking about the poor quality of reproduction glass. My...
  12. Inner rocker panels

    I know there was a thread a few years ago on inner rockers for a 1967 convertible Camaro. Did not look like there was much out there. Does not look like much has changed from what I can find. Does anyone know any different? Also how much difference is there between the coupe inner rocker and the...
  13. 67 Vent Window Disassembly Question

    Body Shop
    Hey Guys, I have taken the vent window frames out of my car so that I can re-finish and re-seal them. Can someone give me some guidance on the best way to remove the glass from the window frame? I know there's a "U" shaped seal that holds the glass in place, but I'm unsure how to get the glass...
  14. 67 Red on Red

    Build Projects
    I grew up around these cars and I finally have one in my garage. This is a factory Red on Red Camaro originally a 6 cylinder with a 3 on the tree. Overall the car was surprisingly solid and had all original panels. The driver quarter has been massaged in the past and the driver fender has a...
  15. Looking for Historical Race Car

    Camaro Tech
    :hurray:Searching for famous 1967 Z28 road race car. VIN# 124377N195134 Please contact me with any info. Pics included in link.
  16. 1967 AC and compressor questions

    Heating & Cooling
    I'm restoring my 1967 RS 327ci with factory AC. My goal is to stay as close to stock as possible, without breaking the bank chasing hard to find parts on e-bay. I'm willing to make some improvements as long as there is a significant improvement in efficiency as doesn't look like a glaringly...
  17. 67 Parchment Deluxe interior/TMI seats

    I am trying to match my new TMI sport seats with my 67 Camaro Parchment Deluxe interior. I having trouble with the seats matching side panels and door panels at this point. I got a set of rear side panel covers from Cars INC, which are PUI and they are way too dark in relation to the seats...
  18. Steering Column Brackets

    Forum Classifieds
    I have 2 steering column brackets that I do not need. One is a 1969+ model that is not been restored or taken apart and is in great shape. The other is a 1967/1968 model, it was taken off my 1967 SS Car, I sandblasted it and repainted in semi-gloss black and cleaned up the bolt lugs and then...
  19. WTB front bumper parts.

    Forum Classifieds
    I am looking to buy a pair of the J nuts that clip into the chassis that the long front bumper brackets fasten into, does anyone recommended where to buy a set of the Chrome head bolts to fit both front and back back together ? All mine are toast. Also looking for a pair of the REAR bumper...
  20. Plastic to steel seat backs. 1967

    Restoration Corner
    I have been fortunate enough to buy a pair of steel front seat backs for my 67 restoration, thanks KevinK ! The seats I am restoring are utterly toast, the covers ripped and the foam has been lived in by some sort of rodent that swopped padding for nut shells so this is a full restoration...