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1968 camaro

  1. First Gen Camaro Purchase

    Camaro Tech
    Hello everyone, forgive me if I am on the wrong forum I am new here and looking for some help. My name is Hunter and I am 23 years old and I have always been a fan of Camaro's ever since I was in high school. I just bought a 2013 RS back in January as well. A coworker of mine has a 69 Camaro SS...
  2. Weird Noise - Fuel pump maybe?

    I've recently noticed this weird noise coming from the rear (after starting the car). Sounds like it's from the Fuel pump located under the tank. Is it the fuel pump? is that normal or concerning? What should I do? It's a new fuel pump post LS swap. Video below .. i hope the sound is clear over...
  3. How Often: Transmission Fluids Change (T56)

    hey guys i usually change the engine oil on all my cars every 3,000-3,500 miles. For my GTR i usually change Transmission/Differential fluids every 10,000 miles. What about the Camaro? I have a T56 trans. How often do I have to change? any recommended brand? (street driven on weekends only) Thanks
  4. differences between 68 and 69 camaro firewalls

    Body Shop
    I have a 68 Camaro and I am installing the steering column. the red firewall on the left is what my car currently has and the picture on the right is one of a 68 Camaro I found from classic industries. the steering column firewall plate I have for my car is the 3 hole design like on the right...