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  1. Tag Team
    I want to make sure that I'm reading this Cowl Tag correctly. ST 69 12467 NOR112203 BDY TR 711 69 B PNT 09D If I'm reading this correctly, I have a 1969 Camaro Convertible from Norwood Ohio, the Norwood plant reset their numbers to 100,000 in August of 69 which...
  2. What's it worth?
    Need interior and exterior work but has no real rust and all parts there. Numbers matching car. I can pick up for 20,000.00. My 1st Camaro (car) project. All opinions welcome. good and bad.
  3. Tag Team
    1969 camaro 396 convertible RS/SS VIN issues My buddy in Saint Louis sent me pictures of the VIN but its not legible or readable. Will the DMV take this into account, in my State it will need an ID OD from one state to another and if I cannot read it due to rust will it even be legal to title...
  4. My '69 SS-RS Daytona Yellow convertible

    Jerry MacNeish certified SS-RS 350-300 horse, 350 3 speed turbo trans. This car is a true head turner.
  5. Engine
    Hello, I am new to the site and first time camaro owner. don’t know much about the car yet, trying to learn as much and as fast as possible. I have a 69 Convertible with a 327 in it. the previous owner installed the Z28 gauges in it and thanks to that I can see that the oil pressure gauge...
1-5 of 5 Results