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  1. Header question, yes again

    I know this question has been asked to death and I have searched through here and lots of other places but in 2020 I can not believe there isn't a definitive answer. I will try to no let my frustration get the best of me but here is the situation.... I am getting my 69 Camaro back on the road...
  2. 1969 camaro conv front cocktail shakers wanted!

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    Looking for a pair of front 69 Camaro Convertible vibration dampners/ cocktail shakers, mine were missing when I purchased my car and I've always wanted to replace them. Any help finding even one side or the other would be appreciated, Thanks for any help....
  3. OER 68 / 69 Deluxe Door Panels Black

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    OER 68 / 69 Deluxe Door Panels Black $400 shipped Parting out my now abandoned 68 restoration and have some OER deluxe door panels for sale. These have been sitting in a box for the last 5 years or so and have never been installed. Comes with two panels. $400 shipped anywhere in continental...
  4. Iso once owned '69 ss396 camaro

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    I bought this '69 Garnet Red , Black vinyl top , White interior SS396 4sp Camaro (X22) in 1970 from Weaver chev in Oil City Pa . I sold it to my Dad in 1971 and he traded it in at Weaver Chev . . From there I don't know where it went . Just very curious if it still lives ! Any search ideas ?
  5. Lookin 4 Grandpa's 69

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    Hello everyone, My gandfather passed away December 31st of 2017. I have felt a need to find his car since I became an adult. I just never had any numbers or information on it. I now have the original window sticker along with pictures. It is an original California sport coupe. It was a...
  6. 1969 Camaro LM1 Rally Green #'s matching Project for sale

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    I listed a 1969 Camaro LM1 Rally Green #'s matching Project for sale on eBay for a friend of mine. 10 day Auction starting 3/14/17. Here's a copy of the description on ebay listed below. There's over 60 photos of the project. Hopefully it finds a good Camaro home!! There are a ton of photos...
  7. 1969 Camaro Ignition Cylinder

    Camaro Tech
    Hey guys, I'm needing some help here. My 1969 X44 never had an ignition switch so this is the first that I have installed in the car. It just doesn't seem right & I'm not sure if something is messed up in the column. Can you take a look @ the attachments & see if the cylinder assembly is...
  8. WIW? 1969 SS original in barn.

    What's it worth?
    Hi, I new here and have been away from the car crowd for about 40 years. I recently have retired and life is taking me in other directions, so looking at what my Camaros might be worth. A few months ago I sold a couple of old, all original t-top Firebirds I'd had for years. One, an original...
  9. 1969 Camaro SS clone for sale $21.5k

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    Selling my 1969 Camaro SS clone. I purchased the car over 3 years ago in hopes of having a driveable car that I could enjoy as I restored it. Life plans have changed and the car now sits more than it gets driven, so I am making the tough decision to let it go to a good home. Below are the...
  10. 1969 Camaro Rally Wheel Fit

    Wheels & Tires
    Hi, I want to go with the following combo on the rear wheels 255/60/15 on 15x8 Rally wheels Can someone tell me what the correct backspacing should be to keep them tuck in the wheel well? Is there a specific GM code I should look for on the rims to make sure I get the correct ones? Thanks...
  11. 1969 X33 vs X77 Z/28 Camaro's

    Tag Team
    What is the real difference between X33 and X77? I have seen so many on the Internet for sale stating "restored" X77 yet it has chrome trim on door driprails and wheel openings. I thought that would only be on X33 cars. Mine is an X33 survivor with original drivetrain with matching numbers...
  12. 1969 Camaro console ash tray door spring installation

    Restoration Corner
    Thanks in advance for any help with this: I bought a console and all parts separately (for discount reasons) and I am now attempting to assemble. Can anyone help with the ash tray door spring installation? I searched forum for answer but didn't see any straight forward solution to installing...
  13. Header & exhaust options '69 327

    I have a 1969 base model convertible with a 327 and auto trans. The exhaust manifolds look to be original and are in very back condition. I have never tackled any type of engine work and need some advice. I'm looking for suggestions for a replacement exhaust, manifold to tail pipe. I would like...
  14. Mystery Seats uncovered #231PMD9

    Interior stamped GS 12-67 ,anyone else with 67-69 have this stampt Interior stamped GS 12-67 ,anyone else with 67-69 have this stamp?
  15. Is there any seats similair to these from 1969,1968,1967

    Is there any seats similair to these from 1969,1968,1967, does anyone have any of the part # between the 2 black arrows. My seats have the part # below the red arrow(#8738440), in column on right,part # 8734291 . Does anyone have part #s between the 2 black arrows on the...
  16. NEW HERE: WTB 1969 Camaro

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I am new here and hoping to find my dream car haha. I am in college and have 15k to spend on a camaro, i would love for it to be running. please contact me back if you have one to sell. i live in texas but currently am in san jose cali for the summer. thanks
  17. 1969 Camaro Ignition Switch and Key Switch Question

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hi, So I have a stupid question on a problem that is really pissing me off. My 1969 Camaro has a problem with either the ignition switch or the key switch where if the key is not in just the right off position it drains the battery which I find out when I want to take the car for a drive or...
  18. Steering wheel position changed

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Well maybe someone can give me some idea as to whether this is a serious issue. The other day I was work in my 69 and I was greasing the new lower control arms I just put on so I had the car jacked up on one side. I needed a little more room to work so I got the keys and turned the wheel to...
  19. 1969 Camaro with 1 inch drop block pictures

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hi, This last weekend I installed new upper and lower KMJ upper and lower tubular control arms which lowered the front end about 2 inches (looks great!) I need to get the front end aligned but before I can test out the handling. I am now thinking that rear end may need to come down a bit and I...
  20. Steering Column Brackets

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    I have 2 steering column brackets that I do not need. One is a 1969+ model that is not been restored or taken apart and is in great shape. The other is a 1967/1968 model, it was taken off my 1967 SS Car, I sandblasted it and repainted in semi-gloss black and cleaned up the bolt lugs and then...