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  1. Second Generation
    Hey all, just picked up a 1971 RS from a few good guys out in Iowa, brought it back home to Ohio and will be tearing it down and rebuilding it starting real soon. No stranger to car work, but this will be my first full car restoration and will likely be running into tasks I have no experience...
  2. Second Generation
    Hello All! I'm looking to buy a fiberglass paintable front spoiler/air dam that will fit my 71' Camaro RS Split bumper. Thank you in advance! FYI-carid and goodmark do not have it
  3. Second Generation
    hey guys i need help bad, i have a 71 grille problem, i want to take the nose piece off because i believe it to not be factory since its put on with crappy homemade brackets. i took it off and ordered a new grill from ecklers but its too small, it doesnt fit in the nose piece because its too...
  4. Second Generation
    What are the differences in FENDERS from 70-77? What are the differences in DOORS from 70-74? I think the 70 has a smaller outside door handle. Thanks, Merv
1-4 of 4 Results