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  1. Fuel tank pressure high after replacing fuel pump

    Third Generation
    1985 camaro - after a long time, the fuel pump failed. Car towed and they replaced the fuel pump. I drive 2 miles to the gas station and remove the cap - excessive pressure is exiting the gas tank. I'm in Florida - I know it's hot here, but I've had this baby 31 years and never did this. The...
  2. 85 camaro Z-28 dies while running

    i have an '85 camaro z-28 that i just recently bought to restore and use as a dialy driver.. just recently ive started to have problems with aobut 10-15 minutes after driving it will just cut out... everything. The engine dies, headlights,blinkers,running lights, 4-ways, intirior lgiths,gauges...