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  1. Fourth Generation
    Hey i'm a new user to this website. Although I've read many posts, this is my first. I have a 1994 v6 3.4L Camaro with 143k Miles and when ever the car is running or was recently running there is an exhaust smell that almost smells a bit like raw gasoline. There are a few factors to narrow this...
  2. Fourth Generation
    okay so the guy that had this before me really rigged this thing up..he put carpet in covering the dash and took out all the trunk interior so its just bare metal.and the thing that is supposed to be behind the back seats is gone so you can see clear into the trunk space. was wondering where i...
  3. Fourth Generation
    I bought my 94 Camaro with a malfunction in the turn signal lever. Signals work fine except the wipers having one speed (highest speed) and non operating high beams. I'm in need of assistance of what could be the issue here. The lever looks in good condition until operating these units. I'm...
  4. Fourth Generation
    I got a 1994 v6 camaro that makes a popping noise going up any hill when i increase speed. The rpms stay the same so my guess is that the tranny is good. If i give it more gas the over drive kicks in and it does better but the popping sound gets quieter and faster. the guy before me said he...
  5. Troubleshooting
    Hopefully this hasn't already been adressed too many times. I've got a 94 Camaro V6 with a five speed manual transmission. My speedometer, tachometer, and cruise control have quit working. I stored the car, waiting for spring to come. Does anyone have a good idea where to start?
  6. Heating & Cooling
    The car runs at about 180-185 while on the highway or when i have an average speed above like 35. When I am sitting at a light the gauge will jump to about 215 or so. If ive driven a lot on the highway that day, it will run even a little hotter once i get off the highway. About a week after I...
1-6 of 6 Results