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  1. Forum Classifieds
    I'm asking $100,000 for my '69 Z/28 Camaro restomod. This car has actually driven around the world and was apart of the 2015 Gumball Rally and has been on the cover of Chevy magazine. This is a real Z/28 with a X77 cowl tag. Originally the car was painted with a Frost Green exterior and Midnight...
  2. Edit Forum
    This is a Sport Coupe Package and was dealer ordered with the higher performance 350 engine and the Muncie transmission. Comes with 1970 RS 350 motor which was running well and has not been bored. The RS package was dealer installed. This was common at the end of the1969 model as the RS Package...
  3. For Sale 1967 RS Camaro

    Forum Classifieds
    Clean title in hand, in my name I have a build thread on this forum. Only selling to finance my flying bug. The car is ready to be blocked and painted the color of your choice. Do not get trapped in a car that will need a lot of extra work and parts. Parts are in short supply and the costs are...
    $22,000 USD
  4. Engine
    I'm just completing a full restoration on a '69 Z28 RS - 302ci. I had the engine rebuilt by a shop near Pittsburgh completed in 2015. Recently started the engine and getting 5-7 inches of vacuum. Not enough for brakes and vacuum headlights without resorting to an electric vacuum pump. Can...
  5. Forum Classifieds
    Just pulled my Autogear Super Case M21Y Muncie out of my 67. Also have Denny"s driveshaft for it and factory crossmember Trans has shifter mounted but will need a handle. 1st: 2.199 2nd: 1.506 3rd: 1.0 4th: 0.857 Input 26 spline Output 32 spline $1500.00 plus shipping
  6. New Member Introductions
    MY NAME is Sara. I run a classic muscle store with my partner out if NY. SPECIALIZE in 1st and 2nd Gen Camaros!! Looking forward to being in touch with all the fellow camaro lovers.
  7. Camaro Tech
    Hello all, I'm finally pulling a trigger on a 1968 4 speed Camaro SS Restomod. It was previously owned, restored and sold to a dealership that has very few information on the car...all they know is that $80K was invested, 350 rebuilt engine, rebuilt transmission, suspension, 4 wheel disc...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Are "tributes" replicas? Advice for 1st gen convertible shopper? Howdy everybody! I just joined your site as an ex-Camaro owner and hopefully future Camaro owner! My first car was a 1967 Camaro about 30 years ago. Ever since, I have dreamed of having a first gen SS/RS convertible...ideally...
  9. Heating & Cooling
    Hi Guys, I'm getting ready to replace the heater core on my 67 and after reading through some posts on the site I had some questions. It seems like the two biggest complaints are that replacement cores are the wrong dimensions and/or are poorly made. That being said, can you guys recommend...
  10. 1968 California Camaro

    1968 Camaro in CoCo County, CA
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    HOTCHKIS 1st Gen CAMARO HANDLE BARS: NASCAR CHASSIS TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUR F-BODY New Brace for 1967-69 F-Bodies Eliminates Flex, Improves Handling & Control Prevents changes in geometry, alignment, and tire contact patch Rigidly connects upper control arms to the cowl and...
1-11 of 11 Results