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    We decided to take one of our most popular wheels and run a Super Sale on them!!! You will NEVER find such an Amazing Quality Wheel for this price ANYWHERE !!!! The ICONZ 830Z and 830ZR We are offering 20x9.5" and 20x11" ....$3699 22x9.5" and 22x11" ....$3899 Any...
  2. Forum Classifieds
    Here are some recent pictures of wheels we made on both 2010 Camaro's and Corvettes. Enjoy, and keep watching, Lots more to come !!! For Sales Inquires contact [email protected]
  3. Forum Classifieds
    Win a 2010 Camaro Coupe from the United Way of Kankakee. For more information and to order your tickets online visit Only 350 tickets sold so far!
  4. Fifth Generation
    2010 Nickey Camaro Stage III
1-4 of 5 Results