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  1. WTB- 1968 Camaro Z28 or SS Camaro

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    I am looking to buy a 1968 (only) Camaro Z28. Not looking at any other year. May look at a SS. If you try to sell me a Z28, make sure you have documents with it. Just seem like there are more Z28 cars for sale right now then Chevy made in 1968.... Not looking for one that had been has had a...
  2. 1968 302 sbc

    Hey guys. I recently bought a short block from a guy who says it was a 302 sbc out of a 68 Camaro. I looked up the casting number and that cast number show up as a 302 but it also shows that it could be a 350. I hear that original 302 engines are hard to come by a wanted to make sure what I...
  3. Original Oil Line Fitting

    Restoration Corner
    There has been some post reference the original oil line brass fitting. The one that keeps being shown appears to be incorrect and seen on early 60's vehicle. All the oil line fitting that I have seen on a 69 Z28 is this style shown. Even my L48 Z11 Car has this fitting also and it original to...