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  1. Forum Classifieds
    1967 NOS QUARTER PANELS LEFT AND RIGHT 7585085 7585084 $3200.00 1968 NOS PASSENGER SIDE QUARTER PANEL 7738673 $1400.00 1967 1968 NOS CAMARO FIREBIRD OUTER REAR WHEEL HOUSES 7585103 7585104 $750.00 NOS LOWER VALANCE FOR A 1967 1968 CAMARO 3925467 $350.00 1967 1968 1969 NOS CAMARO FIREBIRD...
  2. Engine
    I was looking for some input on rebuilding my 302 out of my 69 X77. I was looking for any tips for the rebuild other than keep it as stock as possible. I have most all the original parts 1178 837 480 186's carb and intake etc missing some hardware stock fuel line and a few brackets. But...
  3. Tag Team
    can any body tell me what the b1 , b2 , b3 or b4 stamp means under the part number on a z stat housing. mine reads " 3827369" under that it says b3 I am sure b 1 through 4 means something I just cant find any info on it???????? :(
  4. Restoration Corner
    Hello all, I am finally ready to part with my 69 Z28 RS with 32,000 miles that my parents bought new in Long Beach California. I have some of the original paperwork including the original sales reciept with options. I also have Lions Drag Strip Papers with pictures of it in 1971 I believe. I...
  5. Tag Team
    Located a REAL 1969 302ci 010 short block that was replaced under warranty and crated in the GM crate that the new short block came in. The VIN is as follows: 19N665376 / Cast Date D 30 9 /Stamped Date V0630DZ. I was advised that the engine was replaced because of smoking a little bit. No ridge...
  6. Engine
    Hey Everyone new to site and this seemed like a good spot to ask this question. Recently came across a crank with a 1178 r stamped on it along with what looks like a 8mt2 stamped in it. It is a forged crank and evrything i see points back to a 69z. So just looking for info on what it is i really...
  7. What's it worth?
    What would this block be worth to the owner of the original car? To any other Z28 enthusiast? Casting date A 28 9 Thanks.
  8. Tag Team
    Hi all, I did some research back around 1990, with what tools were available to me back then, on a MO block and ended up in a dead end. Here's giving it a go again to see if you guys have any ideas...........thanks in advance for your help. Casting #3892657 Casting date L 16 6 Front...
  9. Performance
    I did some searching in this Perfomance section looking for someone thats converted a 4053 to E85 (don't worry, not going to use my original 4053). If so, can you share details? How did it turn out? Here in MN, corn fuel is plentiful. I'm anxious to see how the 302 handles it. :hurray:
  10. What's it worth?
    Hi Guys, How's this stamp look? Original? Thoughts on the price? Nick
  11. Tag Team
    I purchased this complete short block last week and wanted some opinions on the stampings being real or not. I believe they are real factory stampings but looks like the guy at the GM plant was playing around and stamped it three times with the same Vin number. The block does not look decked and...
  12. Tag Team
    After reviewing several posts, I think the big "O" and small "O" rockers were on 302's and other hi performance chevy motors. And I think in the 70's, the GM cast changed from "O" to "V." I read on one of the posts that the sideways "O" was not a GM rocker but was made by TRW. Did GM make...
  13. What's it worth?
    I have a 69 Z/28, with what I believe to be the original drivetrain. I do not have any paperwork with the car, only owner history. Do you think I would benefit enough having Mr. MacNeish inspect the car and write up a certification, or would I be smarter to not to spend that money and just sell...
  14. Engine
    Does any company reproduce the cowl plenum air cleaner assembly for a 1967 Z-28? Contact: [email protected]
  15. Test Drive!
    I am new to this, I have been reading treads for a while and have found them very helpful. So i decieded to join up and become a part of something.
1-16 of 17 Results