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  1. Engine
    I switched engines and had to mess with the timing to get the 2.8L now in my 1992 camaro to fire up. The engine came out of a 84 camaro it's firing up fine but it's virbrating the whole car more than it should be...suggestions? Also kept ALL the wiring harness, pullies, & accessories off the 3.1...
  2. Engine
    Everything is going accoring to plan but as I'm looking at the wiring in the engine of my 1992 Camaro RS 3.1L I see that I can try and leave the engine wiring in my purple 92 3.1L strip the 84 2.8L of all the pulleys, wires, sensors, etc. and put all the sensors, pulleys, wires, etc off the 3.1...
1-2 of 2 Results