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  1. Harmonic Balancer Came Off

    I have a 68 that I rebuilt a while ago. It has original 327 that has press fit harmonic balancer (no crankshaft threaded hole). The balancer came off while driving recently. At freeway speeds I stopped the engine pretty quickly. maybe less than a minute. What damage do i need to look for...
  2. New from Houston Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Hello All, My Camaro is a 1968 convertible 327 / 210 hp that my father bought new. It was affectionately known to our friends and family as “Lil’ Red”. I have very fond memories of family cruises to watch fireworks on the 4th of July, drive-in movies and trips to Sonic for cherry limeades...
  3. 327 Oil Pan Leak

    I have a 327 that has just been rebuilt. It has less than 50 miles on it and has an oil leak coming from the rear seal of the oil pan. This is what i have done thus far: 1) Put new oil pan in as the old one had some deformaties from it being over tightened. 2) Put new 1 piece gasket in. This...
  4. 327 hop up ! Cam ?

    I accidently bought another 67 Camaro, it seems to have a great thirst for engine oil and its got the original 327 motor in it. I have a rather nice 350 crank, rods and pistons that were in a 327 block that was frost damaged. The pistons are +30 so plenty of room to bore away any wear we...
  5. Rebuilding a 327

    I have read some of the old threads about rebuilding a 327 but am still unsure about head selection. I have the 210 horsepower 327, with a 4 speed M20 and 3.3:1 gears. I have the following spare parts I wanted to use to put the motor together with: - Ready to run MSD distributor + blaster coil...
  6. '67 Coupe Refresh/Upgrade

    Build Projects
    Hi, My name is Grant and I have 2 Camaro’s, A ’67 and a ’69. The ’69 was just a factory V8 with the X11 option. It’s not a matching number car or anything. But I want to document my upgrade/freshen up of the ’67. There are a few mods I wan't to do/have to do before I can register it too. Like...
  7. what emblems should I use?

    Camaro Tech
    I'm restoring my 68 Camaro convertible back to as close as possible to original but somewhere along the line someone replaced the original 327 with a 350. So my question is, what fender emblems should I put on the car? 327 or 350? I'm thinking 350 but really not sure. What do you guys think...
  8. engine for 68 project - have a 327 block, looking for advice

    OK, so first off let me say that I've looked through some of the previous topics on this and found a lot of good info, but I still wanted to start a new thread because every build and every opinion seems different, so I wanted to get recommendations as tailored to my specific situation as...
  9. Where to go in Los Angeles to rebuild a 327

    I live in LA and have a 1967 Camaro with with original 327 engine. Does anyone know a shop in or around LA they trust to rebuild and add a little increased performance to it. Thanks in advance! Clint
  10. Original restore vs resto mod

    Bench Racing
    i would first like to say that if i posted this in the wrong thread i appoligize, I looked for a more fitting one and didn't find any. I am wanting to get some input on which way to go. About two years ago I was given my dads 67 camaro base model, It was given to him when he turned 16 and was...
  11. 327 Heads??

    Ok, first off, I am new at this, so please bear with me. I have a 1967 camaro with a (was) rebuilt 1965 327 that I am in the middle of rebuilding. A little about the motor and drive train: It is bored .030 over, have the hyper eutetic pistons 9.5:1, .488 lift cam, edelbrock performer intake...
  12. Date code is later motor build date?

    New Member Introductions
  13. 1968 327 PG u joint part number

    Transmission & Driveline
    I have been searching online, ordered wrong parts, searched factory manual and I cannot find the correct one. I am so f'ing confused and frustrated.... Someone please help!!! Thanks -Brian
  14. Swapping from a Small Journal to "REG" Journal crankshaft ? ---

    Swapping from a Small Journal to "REG" Journal crankshaft ? --- I was planning on just reusing my small journal 4577 forged 327 crank for my 500hp build (afr eliminators, h beams, roller cam, 142 blower, alcohol injection, ect). Then I ran across this Eagle Forged crank that has the same...
  15. 68 idiot lights to gauges incl tic-toc tach

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hi all. I’ve been restoring my 68 coupe for the last three years and finally nearing completion. This is my first post and I’d like to thank you all for the excellent info and advice that’s available in this forum. I’m converting from warning lights to gauges and adding an OER tic-toc tach...
  16. 1968 RS 327, Restore started Feb2010

    New Member Introductions
    OK, here we go: I recently purchased this 1968 Camaro RS (been looking forever). I am going through a restoration (as full as I can do) and aiming for a reliable, good-looking driver. I was told there was no way I could do the whole thing myself, so of course I have to. I am going to take it a...
  17. 1967 327 RS Convertible - Cali Car

    What's it worth?
    Greetings, I'm thinking about selling my Camaro after 30 years! My kids want to turn the garage into a wrestling gym and my wife wants the money to fix up the house. Unfortunately I haven't had the money to restore this diamond in the rough properly after all these years, so maybe it's time...
  18. rebuild a 327

    hey everyone, i have a 1975 Camaro with a 327 in it, i want to rebuild it because it has a loud knock in the engine. thinking maybe a cracked piston?...anyways i was wondering how i could rebuild it into maybe a 383 or something. i don't really know much about engines but am hoping to learn...
  19. engine block colors

    Restoration Corner
    What colors were used on the 1968 Camaro 327 Base hard top coupes? i want my engine looking as close to original as possible.;)
  20. Yay another 327...

    hello fellow TC'ers. Ive seemed to of stumbled upon another lrg jrnl 327, im still a lil wet behind the ears in the motor aspect of the car world.But it hasnt slowed me from having my fun,Im wondering what kind of cam you guys could recommend me.As is, i only plan to bore and install Forged...