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  1. Fourth Generation
    okay so the guy that had this before me really rigged this thing up..he put carpet in covering the dash and took out all the trunk interior so its just bare metal.and the thing that is supposed to be behind the back seats is gone so you can see clear into the trunk space. was wondering where i...
  2. Fourth Generation
    i was wondering whats a relativly cheap upgrade i could do to my camaro. nothing like a engine swap..not yet.maybe like a cold air intake? open to all suggestions. thanks :D
  3. Fourth Generation
    my 95 3.4L seems to run pretty good but im only getting 16 MPG and i dont hot rod it, i mostly cruise at less than 2000 PRM and rarely get on it at all. are there possibly any sensors/etc that i should change to improve my mileage? any other suggestions? ...zimmy
1-3 of 3 Results