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  1. 98-3.8 strangest problem need help badly

    Fourth Generation
    Hi, i need help with my car very badly. The car since i bought it has ran like a top until about 240'000k where the throttle(mainly in cold) stuck at random rpm's mainly over 2500. This will happen all the way to my workplace wich is typically cool tempature all year round in mornings. i need as...
  2. ~Bottom End of Engine Blew Out... Help a Girl out w/Some Advice?

    Camaro Tech
    I'm a girl in love with her Camaro. A few months ago, I had overheating problems with my 1999 3.8 Chevy Camaro (Automatic) caused by a leak at a bolt near the timing cover.... and it resulted in my head gaskets eventually blowing out. At the time I was given a price quote of 3500 to have my...