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  1. Info About my 67 L78 Build

    Restoration Corner
    To all, I just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed to this site. I have been working on a project since January 2017 and found this site instrumental to the restoration effort I have undertaken. I am restoring a 1967 Camaro L78. It started out as changing a leaking oil pan and blew up...
  2. Stolen engine - 68 SS 396 325HP Australia

    Restoration Corner
    Hi, Sadly I haven't been on here for years. I purchased a factory SS 68 Camaro nearly 10 years ago. I then got some work done by someone (the person I purchased it from). This person had the engine and transmission in their possession while working on the body. They then sold the engine and...
  3. WIW; My 69 Z11 BB undocumented

    What's it worth?
    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've posted on Team Camaro so I apologize if i'm a little rusty at this. I'm looking to see what a realistic selling price of my car would be. It's a 69 Z11 completely undocumented. Needs full resto including rear quarters, outer wheel houses, and possibly...
  4. My 67 4K car

    Camaro Tech
    To all, Thanks for the help over the past month With help in purchasing and repairing my 67 L78 Camaro. I have been able to track down the second owner's son. His father passed away 13 years ago. The son was there at the race track with his dad and knew every little Modification that was...
  5. Proud owner of a 1967 L78 Camaro

    Tag Team
    Well, I would like to thank L78Camaro and others for their help this weekend and over the past week to verify the authenticity of a 1967 Camaro 396 L78 vehicle. I drove to Virginia this weekend purchased it, and brought it home safely. The car needs some cosmetic work but is totally rust...
  6. big block engine lift hooks # 3994055

    Tag Team
    guys ,trying to find out about the big block engine hooks # 3994055 ,what year did GM start using them ,and on what cars,camaro,nova,chevelle,impala ,trucks ,thanks for any help
  7. 1969 Camaro RS/SS 396 Convertible EBAY item: 150877444837

    Tag Team
    1969 camaro 396 convertible RS/SS VIN issues My buddy in Saint Louis sent me pictures of the VIN but its not legible or readable. Will the DMV take this into account, in my State it will need an ID OD from one state to another and if I cannot read it due to rust will it even be legal to title...
  8. 1968 Camaro RS SS 396 Value

    What's it worth?
    Can someone look at this auction on eBay and tell me what is the fair market value for this particular Camaro? Does the car look correct or is it a fake RS SS big block 396 car? I have never owned a first generation F Body so any and all help will be appreciated...
  9. looking for my 1968 r/s camaro white blue stripes 396 4speed

    Forum Classifieds
    Trying to find my 1968 camaro r/s white with blue stripes 4speed 396 . please keep your eyes out I sold the car back in 1993. To a man that lived in north Carolina. you can go to robbie40 and see it.Thanks for all your help
  10. '67 396/375hp, was power steering an option?

    Restoration Corner
    First off, I want to state my dad has been working on GM cars since he hit puberty. I trust his experience and knowledge. It's never failed me before. Now, I know GM didn't allow A/C as an option on solid lifter cars because of vacuum concerns. My dad says power brakes probably weren't available...
  11. 396 7-1/16" Big Block Timing Cover

    Forum Classifieds
    Wanted: Big Block timing cover dated late Nov or Dec of 1969 for my 396/350hp L34
  12. 3860008 7-1/16" 396/350hp Balancer

    Forum Classifieds
    Wanted: Late Nov or Dec 1969 Harmonic Balancer for my 396/350hp L34
  13. Decal Dilemma....

    Body Shop
    I have a 68' SS/RS 396 vert.... I have gone through 3 air cleaner decals! The cross-flag 396 decal sticks fine, but the "Turbo-Jet 396/350 HP" will not say on. I have prepped the site each time but the decal blows off. The last time, I used 3M 77 super adhedsive spray in addition to the decal...
  14. Speed Demon - Victor Junior Combo

    Hi - I'm new to this board and need some advice. I have a 68 Camaro with a 396 and 4 Sp M21, Victor Junior intake, long headers / 2.5-in dual exhaust, Speed Demon 850 (mechanical secondaries), MSD 6A / Pro Billet 85551 (12* BTDC @ idle, 28* total advance), unknown details on the cam or...
  15. Flaming River Big Block Oil Pan

    Okay, I'm "restoring" a 67 convertible with a built 396. The oil pan i have has a 7 quart sump. I have installed a flaming river rack and pinion power steering unit. The sump is too big and needs to lose a few inches to clear the rack. Has anyone done this before? I can use as small as a 6...
  16. Problems fitting everything on a 396/325hp under the hood

    Okay, two things. 1. i have a 68 convertible, it mightve originally been a 350, but now has an actual 1968 396/325hp. I have a C-396 Edelbrock intake, and a 1407 Edelbrock carb... and this little rinky-dink 2" tall air filter which K&N does not make a circular or oval 2" filter. My problem is...
  17. How much should engine rebuild cost for '68 396/325HP?

    Hello. I am having a 1968 396/325HP engine rebuilt for a SS convertible camaro (matching #'s). I have the engine out of the car from intake manifold to oil pan including exhaust manifolds. Assuming I can still use the crankshaft and connecting rods what should I expect to pay for a decent...
  18. WTB Distributor for Big Block 1968 1111445

    Forum Classifieds
    Hello, I am looking for a distributor for a 1968 396/350HP std. trans. which has the part # 1111445. If you have one or know where I might be able to find one I would be interested. Thank you for your help. John
  19. Will exhaust manifold 3909878 fit 1968 BB Camaro Convertible?

    I am looking for driver's side exhaust manifold for my 1968 Camaro convertible 396/325HP. I have found 3909878 with a 1967 date code that was removed from a 1969 Chevelle that had a 396/325 engine. 'Chevrolet by the number" book shows 3909879 as correct part number for LH driver's side for 68...
  20. Got lucky with the plate

    Got lucky with the plate

    Love the blacked out tail panel! I used Hot rod black for tail panel, rockers, and dash.