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400 small block

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  1. Engine
    Are Howards pushrods p# 95012 (7.9") correct for a Howards Cams p# CL110245-12 in a chevy 400 small block? These are what were installed in my 67' Camaro but the mechanic thought he was working on a 350. The rods he removed were measured at 7.75". I now hear a clacking noise when accelerating...
  2. Performance
    Just picked up a set of Dart Pro 1 230 heads looking to go with a roller camshaft now (springs are good to .650 lift max) Motor will see 150hp - 200hp shot of nitrous also, so a cam that will perform well on motor and maybe a little better on nitrous is what I need. I do drive this car on the...
  3. Engine
    I'm getting a 400 sbc built for my 68 camaro, got every thing ordered to match as close to one and other as possible cam to heads heads to intake carb pistons to crank, etc. So a couple of days ago the machine shop got all the parts in and went on to balance the engine but to there and my...
  4. Camaro Tech
    Hi i own a 68 Camaro and i am getting chrome pulleys put in at my local shop. My question is, I've seen new fat pulleys which now handle one fat belt, what are they called ? Can i do this on my 400 small block ? Do i have to do the water pump and other things also ? Any info on these huge...
1-4 of 4 Results