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  1. New from Colorado :)

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    Hey guys, I am new & from Southern Colorado. Picked up a 1969 Camaro X44 Car last month which is basically a rolling shell. I am excited to get going on this project but don't have much of a budget for drivetrain and paint. No major body defects or rust whatsoever. All i really need to do is...
  2. big block engine lift hooks # 3994055

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    guys ,trying to find out about the big block engine hooks # 3994055 ,what year did GM start using them ,and on what cars,camaro,nova,chevelle,impala ,trucks ,thanks for any help
  3. L72 copo

    Tag Team
    Hello everyone, I'm new to Camaros and this forum. I need some help with a car I'm researching for a friend. We are looking for engine stamps, vin stamps, partial hidden body numbers and any other identifying numbers on components in the car like axles and drive train. I've seen a number of...
  4. 1968 Camaro

    1968 Camaro

    Sport Coupe, Shafiroff 427 SBC, M-21, VWW 15x7, 15x8, PS, PB, Vintage Air. 1968 British Racing Green Code ZZ.
  5. 427 smallblock in the dyno

    my engine builder, has finished my new 427 sb, and i can´t wait too put it in my 69, what do you guys think?:) youtube video
  6. 69 Camaro 427 SS Front & Rear Emblems

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    I have a new set of Trimparts emblems (Made In the USA) 427 SS emblems (grill and rear panel) that I do not need. They have never been installed and have the speed nuts too. These run $143 + shipping for the pair on Selling for $110 and that includes shipping to lower 48 states...
  7. L72 why is it so hard to find ?

    Bench Racing
    Hi there Maybe I'm stupid, but why is it so difficult to find an L72 427 BB ? I've seen tons of 427's but almost no L72 ? I've seen replica's of L88's, ZL-1's etc but I can't find an L72 ? Does anyone know someone who sells an L72 crate online ? Elias
  8. How Much? 427 Engine Build

    Camaro Tech
    I am considering having a shop build a 700-hp 427-ci 2x4-bbl engine for a 1969 Camaro Pro Street in the coming years. It would consist of a brand new block and parts. Is there any way to know what I may expect to pay for such a build (including a new block and parts, labour, etc.)? I'm sure such...
  9. New Member - Saying Hi

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    Hi All, Long time lurker, new 1st Gen owner and 1st time poster here. Just bought a '69 Yenko tribute car. Hoping to keep learning - and someday sharing - with you all. Some basics: 427/M21/4.10 - Lemans Blue - Double COPO (9561/9737) - X44 Chris