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  1. Engine
    Hi, I have a friend that need to have a 454 rebuilt anyone have a engineer rebuilder in the Grayslake IL area? Thanks, Joe
  2. Engine
    I have a 454 that came with the car I just Purchased. It has 10.5:1 compression, 325 HP Oval port heads, msd ignition and a 750 Holley double pumper, Solid lifter cam with 550 lift. Intake is a Weiland single plenum. The motor runs nice except for a slight bog if you try to Accelerate under...
  3. Tag Team
    guys ,trying to find out about the big block engine hooks # 3994055 ,what year did GM start using them ,and on what cars,camaro,nova,chevelle,impala ,trucks ,thanks for any help
  4. Second Generation
    Hey guys I've got a mini high torque starter on 454. It was giving problems so I had it rebuilt but it turns out its just to small, it will turn the motor over but after a couple starts the starter gets way to hot and won't turn the motor over. I wana stay with a mini high torque starter but I...
  5. Engine
    I just built a 454 for my 68 convertible, started it up and broke it in. No real issues...that I could hear. (Might have had something to do with the open headers!) Drove it to the exhaust shop and once the deafening roar was tamed, I could hear a ticking coming from the passenger side of the...
  6. Engine
    In the middle of getting my engine together and ran into a snag... It's a mid 70's 454, i'll be going with a short water pump. On a whim a picked up a chrome alternator bracket for 20 bucks but now i'm a little confused. The only reference I have is my dad's 427 (also mid 70's) but it has the...
  7. Forum Classifieds
    Call it...creative acquistioning.l:)Cleaned out a building for the parts and need to get rid of some cams. ALL new some come with lifters. Flat tappet, Retro-fit SBC, BBC just email me. Some flat tappet kits are $90:yes: and that includes lifters!!:hurray: Some Retro-fit are $239. I think thats...
1-7 of 7 Results