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  1. Fourth Generation
    I have a 68 convertible with no headrests and saw one member's install of 95 manual adjust seats that worked out great. Am I looking for a "needle in the haystack" or should they not be too hard to find? I don't know if, for some reason, they are highly sought after or not. I live in the...
  2. Fourth Generation
    hello everyone, i have an 01 v6 3800, about a week ago it started running a bit rough but would go away immediately, shortly after CEL came up for maf sensor, replaced and erased code. after running it for not even 2 miles, it started running rough again, stumbling upon accel and shaking really...
  3. Fourth Generation
    I gave my 16 year old son this Z28 but too fricken tall and still growing. He is 6'2". I've seen extenders for earlier Camaros. Anyone have information on available seat extenders for a 2001 Z28 Convertible? Anyone out there able to make some?
  4. New Member Introductions
    I got my self a 97 Rs with the 3800S2 and as u know its one of the slowest Marors so wuts a good way to tune it up, i heard a Cam will do the trick, the only reason i dont get a V-8 is cuz this car has 90K Leather int. new paint Chrome GM rims T-top and it has all original parts, as of now im...
1-4 of 4 Results