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  1. Another Big Block 502 Overheating Issue

    Heating & Cooling
    I’ve searched the forums here multiple times looking for some direction, have tried a few minor adjustments but not getting fantastic results so I thought I’d ask for thoughts. Here’s the setup: 1968 Camaro SS, 502 GM Crate motor, TH 400 Trans. Aluminum short-style water pump, Power...
  2. ls1 to a 502

    Transmission & Driveline
    Will a ls1 factory bellhousing bolt up to a Gen 6 502 and if so do I still need the adaptor plate to run a hydrolic clutch set up? Lots of info out there but can't seem to find this answer. I have a 69 camaro I am building a 502 and putting a ls1 t56 behind it. I have the ls1 t56 trans,Mcleod...
  3. 502 cam help

    I am building a new 502 crate motor to put in a 69 prostreet camaro.I an using the stock gmpp short block.I already have AFR 305 cnc heads that have 118cc, Eldebrock dual 600 cfm carb setup, 4 speed,4:11 narrowed 12 bolt,no power steering or brakes.. The car will be used 99% street driven. I...
  4. Ramjet 502 head/intake question

    This is my first question (of many I'm sure) that I will ask about my new to me 1969 Camaro. I bought the car with the 502 in it and love the power and torque but of course would like a little more. My question is what is the limit on getting air into this motor? Is it the intake/throttle...