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  1. Many 67 Parts for sale including Restomod/Pro Touring Parts

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    Parts Sold. Mods please delete.
  2. 67 12 bolt housing

    What's it worth?
    What is a 67 12 bolt housing for camaro worth? No axles or gears. Does come with drums breaks.
  3. Radio distortion

    Electrical & Wiring
    I have a aftermarket radio I just installed in my 67 Camaro stroker. When the car is running, There is distortion in the radio, when the engine Is off, it sounds much better. I have coil but don't Have the capacitor for reducing radio noise. I think I removed it as part of the MSD install. I...
  4. 67 firebird fold down swap

    I have opportunity to buy a really clean fold down Rear seat for a 67 firebird. Can it be reupholstered With standard interior camaro fabric without a clash? It has firebird standard interior on it. Guy is asking $350.
  5. My 67 4K car

    Camaro Tech
    To all, Thanks for the help over the past month With help in purchasing and repairing my 67 L78 Camaro. I have been able to track down the second owner's son. His father passed away 13 years ago. The son was there at the race track with his dad and knew every little Modification that was...
  6. Springs?

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I recently purchased a 4K car. The car appears to have all the original suspension on it. The 396 is not currently in the car but there is a 454 stuffed in there. The suspension was quite spongie, so I replaced the front and rear shocks with adjustable Competition shocks. 90/10 on fronts...
  7. Need sail and rear interior panels

    I purchased these panels from classic industries for my 67 And they are unfinished. (Standard interior) Anyone know where I can get complete, ready to go Panels? If so, from what supplier? What's the P/N?
  8. Got my first 67 Camaro "hellhound". was it worth it?

    What's it worth?
    Hi folks .I'm new here . I just got a 67 Camaro for 16,500.00 and am wondering if its a good investment or did I just fill a life long dream . the hellhound has a 67 327 block and has 69 307 heads . was told it has 3000 miles on a rebuild and told it has some kind of awesome cam . has a...
  9. Harmonic balancer

    I have a 1987-90 Chevy small block 350 engine in my '67 Camaro. I'm not sure which one it is, because the engine was in the car when I got it. The engine has a long water pump with 1 groove pulley. The harmonic balancer has a three groove crankshaft pulley. This is the problem I need help...
  10. 1967 Camaro run on problem

    Hi, I've come 360 degrees from when this problem began. To begin with, I experienced my car not wanting to turn off when the ignition was switched into the off position. Like many others have had problems with, I could pull the key out and walk away while the car kept idleing perfectly. I...