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  1. Steam Vent to Radiator

    LSx Swap
    I'm terminating my steam vent in my radiator, which is an LS Swap radiator from BeCool. I'm sensing temp from the GMPP harness, and there are two ports on the radiator which I can use for my Steam vent. One, just below the upper supply hose (passenger side) is meant for the temperature sender...
  2. 69 Camaro Project Wrap Up

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone, I'm the proud owner of a 69 Camaro for over 35 years. Now in the final phase of a complete resto-mod project. I hope to find answers to some of the questions/dilemmas encountered and help answer questions others may have.
  3. Another lurker - first post

    New Member Introductions
    To all, I’ve been lurking for a while and high time I introduced myself. I am in the Oklahoma City Area – and have my 69 Camaro coupe since 1983. When I bought it, it had a 6cyl, 3spd standard tranny and 10 bolt/monoleaf. Those are long gone and replaced with a 454, Tunnel ram, 4spd...
  4. Paint and Body - How many hours are reasonable?

    Body Shop
    Because different shops charge different rates, I'm hoping if I detail the body and paint work that has been performed on my 69 Camaro, I'll get some professional shop owners and experienced DIY'ers to respond. I'm looking for a reasonable number of hours that it would take an experienced shop...
  5. Newbie with a 69 Camaro question

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I am wondering how I can obtain a replacement build sheet for a 69 Camaro SS - Van Nuys plant. I'm needing some advice on what I have (in order to accurately sell it) - the present engine is a 1965 327, the original tach indicates 6000 rpm. Is there an equivalent to the Marti...
  6. Speedometer/Odometer repair

    Camaro Tech
    Does anyone have a suggestion for how to repair/replace the plastic piece which holds the odometer tangs in place? I was cleaning one with a brush, and broke the old plastic.. so now one of the digits is 'freewheeling'. Can these be purchased anywhere? If not, any suggestions for 'making one'?
  7. McLeod Hydraulic Clutch Conversion

    Transmission & Driveline
    It's pricey, but thinking about using one of the McLeod Hydraulic Clutch Conversion kits on my 69 Big Block Camaro... Anyone have any experience with the installation? 1434002 - Master Cylinder Firewall Kit - $329.95 1301 - Bearing/Slave Cylinder Assembly - $446.00
  8. 69 Camaro Door

    Forum Classifieds
    Where is the best place to find a nice GM !969 Camaro drivers Door? Need someone that will ship.
  9. TKO vs T56 - 69 Camaro 502

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey all, Just installed a 502 Ram Jet into my 69 up..changing the transmission. Tremec TKO vs T56 - which one is better given my engine and why? Thanks in advance! And if you know where to find either of these transmissions at a good price, don't hesitate to tell me! :beers:
  10. 69 Z28 Numbers Matching DZ 302

    69 Z28 Numbers Matching DZ 302

    Quoted from a recent Appraisal Report - "this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 represents a phenomenal example of this true American muscle car. As noted in the Vehicle Option pages, and as depicted on the many enclosed digital photographs, this '69 Z29 has been professionally restored back to perfect
  11. Project "2nd Chance"

    Build Projects
    So here is my story. In 1985 my grandmother whom I had not heard from in years called me to tell me she had bought a car for me. The only stipulation was that I had to sell the motorcycle that she had "heard" I owned because she was sure I would get killed on it. Since it was December and...
  12. 69 Camaro Console Temperature Gauge Problems

    Electrical & Wiring
    I have a 69 Camaro RS/SS with console gauges and the temp gauge is not working properly. I have tried to find the solution on this site but not sure I've seen it so hope this is not a repeat... I thought the gauge was bad so I bought a new OER gauge from NPD and hooked it up. I have a new...
  13. TH400 swap

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi. I have a 69 Camaro with a powerglide and want to replace it with a TH400. Will i need to replace the crossmember? Will the shifter cable need to be replaced? Thanks
  14. Big block bellcrank,import or US?

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi, I'm putting a big block in a 69 camaro. It was originally a small block car. It appears there is an import and US version of the bellcrank kit from Rick's 1st gen. Any opinions on whether the US is worth twice the money? What is the difference between the big block and small block bellcranks?
  15. Best E.T. with 302 sbc?

    I have a 302 with four speed in my 69 camaro with 4.10 gear and was wondering whats the best times you guys have gone? i've been to the track, but mine wasn't tuned and was bogging down bad on take off and ran a 13.4 et. i've switched the carb to a new one that doesn't have a dead spot in it and...
  16. New Member - Saying Hi

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All, Long time lurker, new 1st Gen owner and 1st time poster here. Just bought a '69 Yenko tribute car. Hoping to keep learning - and someday sharing - with you all. Some basics: 427/M21/4.10 - Lemans Blue - Double COPO (9561/9737) - X44 Chris
  17. 69 Survivor

    69 Survivor

    69 Camaro 327 48,000 mi survivor. Original Hugger Orange paint and body panels #'s matching. Found in a storage wearhouse in Kentucky 1998. Sold in 1999