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  1. What's it worth?
    I'm getting ready to move to my retirement home and my '69 Z28 can't come with me. Unfortunately, this car has been sitting in my garage since 1979 and hasn't run in over 30 years. Overall, the car is in good condition, but it needs to be gone over. It has 80,000 original miles. It's an X33...
  2. Engine
    Did any factory 302's come with the LT1 cam installed? I have a late September 69 build.
  3. Engine
    I searched this topic and did not find anything... Can someone explain what the term "full floating rods" means? And post pics of "full floating rods" and the "pressed pin type." I understand that many rods came with the "O" cast on the cap but that does NOT make them 69 Z28 rods??? How can...
1-3 of 3 Results