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  1. 1969 W/ Bunch of mismatched parts; need guidance

    Heating & Cooling
    Hey guys, I'm in a pickle... I have a 69' Camaro w/ a 396BB and an American Grafitti AC Delete box & AC heater core on the firewall...Original AC evaporator box still on the dash pad for Non-AC car....missing pieces as far as the vents and ducting goes underneath....and no kick...
  2. Before I wire my 69 after a frame-off restoration...

    Electrical & Wiring
    I'm about to start wiring my 69 RS/SS after a frame-off restoration. I am adding Vintage A/C under dash. My question is whether anyone has any recommendations for anything I should do before or while I am doing the wiring or assemble the dash. Right now the car body is completed but otherwise...
  3. Heater, A/C retrofit kits

    Heating & Cooling
    Im looking into this & was wondering, what kits have yall used, whats the likes & dislikes of the kits you bought? Any help is appreciated. I have 2 cars that have nothing, no heater or AC. Tnx
  4. WTB - 1968 A/C wood grain center dash panel

    Member Forum Classifieds
    Looking for an original GM wood grain center dash panel for an A/C car. Have bought 2 reproduction ones and the wood grain is peeling around all the openings :mad:. Tried using contact cement. Not happy with the results :noway: Why does the reproduction stuff have to be so crappy :confused:
  5. 1968 center A/C vent spacer 9779399 ???

    I am looking for these spacers which hold the center A/c vent ends (part that rotates) in place. I have a repro of the vent but it did not come with the spacers :confused:. I am not sure why. I have seen a couple of places on line that supposedly sell the vent part with the spacers so I am sure...
  6. Hiding A/C Wiring and Relays

    Heating & Cooling
    PO installed Gen IV VA and left the relays and wiring screwed all over the engine compartment, mostly on passenger side fender. I want to hide everything so I don't have to look at it, but want it someplace dry, of course. 1) Do I move it inside the firewall somewhere? 2) If so (or no)...
  7. 79 Camaro Blower Motor

    Second Generation
    I have a 79 Berlinetta. I have done a ground up restoration and changed the blower motor when I had the front end off the car. It worked fine at first, but now the motor has power and a good ground but is sporatic. Cuts on and off as I hit bumps. If I kill the car when it is running, you can...
  8. Wires???????

    Camaro Tech
    I have a 79 camaro and in the process of removing the a/c ducts and wiring and not sure what needs to stay and what can go...I'm looking for a simple way to find out the basic needs on figuring what I need to be safe and what to look out please shed some light on my situation...
  9. Small Block Headers

    I am putting a L98 engine (alum heads) with ZZ4 intake / Holley into my 67 (got tired of messing with getting the parts needed for TPI). It is an AC car with power steering. I have some no-name headers that I do not think will fit, and the original exhaust manifolds, but am looking for advice...