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  1. 1970 1/2

    What's it worth?
    Whats up guys. My aunt has a 70 1/2, just has the 350 engine, isn't an ss or z/28 but its a classic car. I understand it isn't the most desirable, but I've been wanting this car for 4 years now. I'll post some pictures below here, it has some rust, wheels don't seem to be in the best condition...
  2. 327 Heads??

    Ok, first off, I am new at this, so please bear with me. I have a 1967 camaro with a (was) rebuilt 1965 327 that I am in the middle of rebuilding. A little about the motor and drive train: It is bored .030 over, have the hyper eutetic pistons 9.5:1, .488 lift cam, edelbrock performer intake...
  3. Body Resto: Good or Bad?

    Body Shop
    Greetings all. I'm a new poster/reader, and hopefully I won't be that annoying new guy who everyone tells to "go look at the older posts!" I'm about to pull the trigger and buy a non-numbers-matching 69 Camaro that has been restored. I know just enough about the mechanical stuff to be...
  4. 1968 RS 327, Restore started Feb2010

    New Member Introductions
    OK, here we go: I recently purchased this 1968 Camaro RS (been looking forever). I am going through a restoration (as full as I can do) and aiming for a reliable, good-looking driver. I was told there was no way I could do the whole thing myself, so of course I have to. I am going to take it a...