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  1. WTB 1967 SS-350 Air cleaner Assy.

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    WTB 1967 SS-350 Air cleaner Assy. I am looking for a nice driver quality Air cleaner Assembly unit for my 67 SS350 single snorkel w/chrome lid -- opr will buy either or - - together or separate. looking for a fair deal - or would love to trade, I have a TON of original parts - i will give you...
  2. Cowl induction hood: max air cleaner size?

    Has anyone had any luck running a 16" or 18" air cleaner with a steel cowl induction hood? I'm switching over to a Dominator carb and you can only get a drop base with the larger filter sizes. I'm interested in hearing if anyone else has looked into this and hearing how you solved the issue...
  3. Air intake recommendations

    Wheels & Tires
    I have a 1968 327, 4bbl, and cowl hood. I have a standard air cleaner and want to seal the air cleaner to the hood when closed. I was hoping I could just buy the base that the air cleaner goes into and add a seal but I cant seem to find that option. Any one out there have a better way to do...
  4. Cowl Induction only?

    Hi, Has anyone out there used a cowl induction hood with a sealed air cleaner that DOES NOT have a snorkel? I was just about ready to pull the trigger on changing my setup to be 100% sealed to the hood (always open, no flapper valve) and was looking at aftermarket sealed a/c bases like the...
  5. '69 RS Camaro original intake manifold, carb. and air cleaner.

    What's it worth?
    I have the original intake manifold, 2 barrel carb. and air cleaner from my low mileage, 1969 RS Camaro that I removed 25 years ago. Does anyone know it these parts have any value, or should I toss them in the trash? Thanks for your help!
  6. 1968 air cleaner V8 are they all the same?

    Restoration Corner
    This is for all the restorers out there who can spot the real please:beers: I purchased a 1968 327 air cleaner off ebay. The air cleaner has a snorkle on the drivers side.. The thermactor is on the snorkle (for my automatic car). it is about 15" in diam..give or take 1/2"... and...
  7. Breather - PCV valve - Intake - Questions

    I just bought a 68 RS with a 350 engine and I have a few questions. I have a push in breather cap on the passenger side side valve cover, and a PCV valve on the drivers side valve cover. There is not a hose attached to the PCV valve. Do I need to attach a hose and run it to the base of the...
  8. 1968 ss 350 air cleaner and valve covers

    I am currently working on a 1968 350 SS convertible. I am trying to find out the correct air cleaner and valve covers to run on the car. I have read another post for a 1969 car that said the air cleaner was standard snorkel type with chrome lid and the valve covers were orange but this was for...
  9. Air Horn on '69 Cowl Induction A/C

    Restoration Corner
    Are there other (more commonly available )Air cleaners that have the same airhorn as the original '69 Z28 Cowl AC?? Mine needs a new airhorn. Second part of this question is: What is the proper manner of attaching the airhorn to the AC base? I've got two original '69 Cowl Induction Air...