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  1. Electrical & Wiring
    Hello guys, I have a 95 Camaro with both driver / pass airbags. I want to disable to for long periods of time. I pulled the fuse yesterday and the airbag light now stays on as expected. Is this all I need to do to ensure they will not deploy while working on the car? THanks in advance.
  2. American Auto Wire
    In this video series that coincided with the release of our 1959-1960 Impala Classic Update kit, Don Bock chronicles the installation of the kit in a 1960 Bel Air. The fifth episode premiered Monday, check them all out! In other news, American Autowire recently released our new 1970 Mustang...
  3. Tools & Shops
    I'd like to have a compressor handy, in the cases that I need one. I'd be using it mostly for common wrenching applications and wire brushing, i.e., slowly but surely trying to get all that gunk and surface rust off of the places I can reach it. I'd like to do a frame off, but that is...
  4. Engine
    Guys i have a question in regards to the carb hoses to the valve cover connection on the passenger side: For some reason my camaro keeps choking when this hose from the carb is connected to the valve cover on the passengers side. I was stuck on the street and the choking lead me to disconnect...
1-4 of 4 Results